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Got Questions About Our South Island Tour Services?

Private, personalised tour - whats that?
  • Private, you won't be lost among a bus load of strangers. You will be able to enjoy the trip at your leisure. Stop if you want to stop. Not be dictated to by the driver.
  • Our large, modern air conditioned vehicles are yours for the duration of the tour/transfer.
  • I'm yours for the duration of the tour / transfer. My sole purpose of being there is to provide the highest level of service and safety.
  • Is my chauffeur experienced?
  • Oh yes.....a lifetime in the South Island and travelled extensively in New Zealand and overseas.  
  • Lived in Canterbury for 40+ years.
  • Been in the tour business for over 16 + years.
  • Holds an Advanced Driver Qualification....you're very safe!
  • Is a Government Licensed Passenger Service operator.
  • Brent remains a member of the Order of St John and for 25 years worked as part of their Ambulance  Service. He is a qualified Paramedic.
  • You're in very good hands!!   The best probably.
Tell me about your vehicle?It's a wagon?
  • Yes, as you'll see on this site you will be travelling in the very latest Toyota Avensis Wagon or our plush Toyota Estima People Mover. Seating capacity is 3-4 in the Avensis but up to five people comfortably in the People Mover. The People Mover is a little higher off the ground as well affording superior views. By law 1 person per seat belt. Booster seats are not available.
  • The luggage compartment is huge so if you have a lot of luggage, ski's or work equipment to shift between centres...no problem. Collapsible wheelchairs easily accommodated.
We do A lot of travel and have already seen xxxx, can we maybe substitute one site for another?
  • Of course......all tours are a general guide. Work with us so we can accommodate your every need. You can send us an email chchtaxitours@gmail.com or send a message....anytime before your tour. If we can...we will!
Can we change the start time of a tour or transfer?
  • Of course, that's what we mean by personalised .....book a tour and email us....we'll do everything we can to accommodate your request, unlike a bus tour...where you'll do as your told! 
  • The South Island of NZ is located almost as far south to Antarctica as you can get. Summer days are very long - the longer days, up to 16 hours, while winter days are short - as few as 8 daylight hours. We'll make sure you have the best time available to see our area...summer or winter.

What's this about light refreshments provided?
  • Well, we all like to nibble (careful). We provide complimentary NZ spring water and a selection of light snacks. Each tour is slightly different but there is usually a combination of nuts, crackers, health bars etc.
What about Tips and Expenses?
  • You're in New Zealand. It's not customary to tip; however meals on tour for your chauffeur are normally covered by the guest as a courtesy.
  • In line with many international tour operators, your driver/guides accommodation and main meal are usually charged separately to any daily rate. CTTT follows this policy.  
  • Your chauffeur has to comply with NZ Commercial Driving Laws which, for safety reasons, restrict the number of hours s/he can drive per day. He will discuss this with you.
  • You see your chauffeur 'on the day' but there is a lot of work undertaken before you arrive. So, if you have been given excellent service before and during your trip, any gratuity you consider appropriate would be greatly appreciated.
You're based in Christchurch...will you meet me in, say, Queenstown and start the tour there?
  • Of  course....'service' and 'personalised' are the key words.
  • If we are meeting you in Queenstown there will be a locating fee, usually comprising a discounted rate of one days travel and a nights accommodation. We will discuss this with you.
  • Book a tour and then email us..... chchtaxitours@gmail.com or send us a message.
Question not answered?
Email: chchtaxitours@gmail.com
or message us. 

Brent, your chauffeur.


Husband, father, paramedic, professional driver/guide, x private pilot and avid traveler. My parents were farmers.

"I know good service...let me show you what its like"

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